Project Description


Vines are an essential element in my landscapes. They represent the tenacious force of Nature to survive and proliferate in the face of Man’s determination to tame them. In addition vines are calligraphic, twisting and turning in a cursive formation, as if they write messages. I use these vine shapes with Man’s ideograms and alphabetic symbols to create a balance between Nature and Man.

My process starts when I form clay for a series of landscapes. With the clay pieces laid out, I refine my compositions and begin fabricating the paper, metal, and wood that join the clay to complete the image. While labor intensive, the work is very engaging as it summons many different skills and techniques: printing and dyeing paper; forming, firing, and glazing clay; welding steel and bronze; routing and constructing wood boxes; and applying the various finishes each material requires.

It is my intention that the resulting matrix beckons the audience to come close and look deep with the hope that the work will help us develop a new kinship with Nature. I am concerned that without a change in our connection, the life systems supporting our existence could vanish, and so could mankind