Project Description

Welding - Ashby Carlisle


The world is a physical, dimensional place. I have a need to walk around and see through the world. I am not drawn to a Flat Earth cosmography. Even my idea sketches are mostly real materials laid out and moved around in space until I am happy with the imagery. Whether I am working on a wall piece or free standing sculpture, I want my work to be a constant source of discovery for myself. Work that has volume and occupies physical space allows me to move around and see through and beyond, holding my imagination.

For me working sculpturally was a natural outgrowth from a childhood filled with outdoor freedom to dig in the dirt, build structures, and collect fascinating bits and pieces of nature. These experiences also led to my developing an intuitive sense for combining different materials and elements to create something larger than the sum of the parts. Over my career, I have used cloth, fiber, dyes, paint, wire, metals, wood, clay, stained glass, LED’s, and mountains of recycled paper and wheat paste to make sculpture. Primarily, my sculpture refers to those days of freedom. And as I reflect on the completed works, I feel that I have been moving toward constructing a bigger than life environment that will surround my small child self.