Ashby’s Adventures in Welding

//Ashby’s Adventures in Welding

Ashby’s Adventures in Welding

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Discovering the Meco N-Midget Torch

I finally decided last winter (2015)  to replace the beautiful bittersweet vines in my sculptural landscapes with a more substantial material.  I chose to try metal and since I had not worked in metal since college, I enrolled in a direct metals class with Anne Lehman at the Creative Arts Workshop.  I envisioned casting vines. In the first class I realized I could manipulate steel rod stock to achieve the vine images I looked for.  I completed a dozen works by the end of the class which led to Matt purchasing an oxygen acetylene welding set for his metal repairs and my welded sculpture pieces.  The set up worked great for Matt. For me I managed, but the equipment was too powerful and heavy for what I typically work on.  At Christmas Matt surprised me with a Meco N-Midget torch.  What a life changer. Small, compact, lightweight, great size tips and flame.  So now I have the best of both worlds: Light weight equipment for creating delicate, fine metal pieces and heavier equipment to make sculpture armatures and bases.

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