Drifting Through Winter

//Drifting Through Winter

Drifting Through Winter

Drifting Through Winter by Ashby Carlisle

“Drifting Through Winter”   Predictable like the coming and going of seasons,  I begin each winter with Great Expectations: numerous projects just waiting for the right time. Then the cold settles in, the low light invades, the darkness descends at mid afternoon, and wind and snow drift around the house encapsulating me within its walls. Somehow among the wind, the snow, the lack of light and the pile of cozy down comforters, the ambitions drift away.  I feel as if I am drifting through winter only to be reborn and rejuvenated at the dawn of spring’s crystal light and warming days.

Looking at the plants bent by the imagined wind, you will discover a new dimension in my plant forms. I was given a new welding tip this winter, the N-Midget, distributed by Meco.  With this tip I am able to use a finer gauge 1/16th inch steel to form the vines and plants allowing the vines to easily twist and turn and giving me more flexibility in creating images.

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